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Information for Users



•         Opening Hours
•         Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology and Blood Transfusion
•         Sending Samples to the Laboratory
•         Comments and complaints
•         Protection of personal information

Location of the Laboratory
Laboratory Medicine is located on level 8 of the Queens Building Bristol Royal Infirmary.

All visitors should report to reception and should follow the instruction provided by staff (see model rules for visitors).

Laboratories for Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Clinical Biochemistry operate a full service with an essential services laboratory for Histology.

The UK HSA Laboratory is located at North Bristol Hospital.

Opening Hours
Core opening hours of the laboratories are 09.00 - 17.30. Outside these times a restricted service is available.

Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology and Blood Transfusion
On call biomedical scientists based in the laboratory will process requests from the core repertoire of tests. Staff on call can be contacted by bleep (see below). Except for urgent blood transfusion requests there is no need to bleep staff to warn them that samples are being sent.


General Enquiries 09:00 - 17:30   Extension
Specimen Reception (Help Desk for results) 23080
Clinical Biochemistry Clinical advice 09.00 - 17.30               
Clinical Biochemistry (Duty Biochemist) 27834
Clinical Biochemistry (Paediatric Biochemist) 21299
Consultant is available out of hours via laboratory 
Haematology Clinical advice 
Contact SpR via switch board 
On call laboratory service
Biochemistry Bleep 2331
Haematology 22708 (Major haemorrhage call 2222)

Bacteriology and Virology
Users must contact 0117 4146222 - Infection sciences service North Bristol Trust.
Users must contact the on-call Biomedical Scientist via the switchboard for any samples that need processing outside of the core hours. General enquiries 08:30 - 17:00 call extension 23196

Clinical advice is available outside of the core hours if required via an on call pathologist for all disciplines.

Sending Samples to the Laboratory
Samples should be accompanied by a current request form (see examples) and all samples should be labelled with the patients; name, identifier, date and time of collection and signed.  Or if requested using ICE (Order Comms) the ward generated barcode must be placed on the correct sample and sent in a sealed sample bag. Each patient request must be sent in a separate sealed bag.
The laboratory will reject all transfusion samples that are not hand written with full information (see current policy). Unlabelled samples or where the bottle and request form do not match will not be processed by other departments (see current policy). Within UHBristol samples should be sent by porter, pneumatic tube or brought to the laboratory. All samples should be transported with due regard to current safety requirements in a sealed bag attached to the request form. Large number of samples should be placed in an appropriate box prior to transport (see arrangements for the transport of sample).

Comments and complaints
While we endeavour to provide a quality service we may not always meet your expectations.  If you should have any concerns please contact the clinical leads for individual departments or the clinical lead for laboratory medicine or head of service. If your concerns can not be resolved issues can be escalated via the patient complaints and support team on 0117-3423604 or email


User Surveys and Feedback

We always welcome feedback (suggestions for improvement, complaints or compliments) from our users regarding our services.  User survey feedback reports can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

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Protection of personal information
Laboratory medicine comforms to the current trust information governance standards.  Our computer systems are appropriately managed to secure data and our paper records are secure and disposed of appropriately.  If you would like any further information please contact the head of service Liz Worsam.