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Physio critical care

What we do

We are involved in the assessment and treatment of patients within critical care and the general surgical wards, addressing patients' respiratory and rehabilitation needs.

Our specialisms

We specialise in respiratory treatment and the rehabilitation of the acutely unwell patient within critical care and the wards, and also the rehabilitation after lower limb amputation.

Further information for patients

We treat respiratory or mobility complications following surgery.

Post amputation inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation is provided to help patients regain mobility and independence.

Conditions treated

Any patient within critical care, regardless of condition, post surgical patients - upper and lower GI, max fax, ENT, urology, vascular, intermittent claudication patients and lower limb amputees.

Treatments offered

We off respiratory treatment, general exercise or full rehabilitation as required for post surgical patients. There is an exercise class for patients with intermittent claudication, and full in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation post lower limb amputation, including prosthetic rehabilitation.

Contact us

0117 342 2066

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