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Stoma Care

The Stoma Care Department of The Bristol Royal Infirmary



Natasha Rolls- stoma care nurse lead

Delilah Rooney- stoma care nurse

Elena Owens- stoma care nurse

Ella Hicks- stoma care nurse

Emily Scott- stoma care nurse- secondment

Martin Pitman - admin assistant


Location (for post and deliveries):
Room A911,

Queens Building,

9th Floor,

Bristol Royal Infirmary,

Marlborough Street,

BS2 8HW 



Call 0117 342 7638 - whether you are registered/living in Bristol or Weston this is the number to reach the team and make appointments, arrange reviews or for any queries related to stoma care.

We have clinics at Bristol Royal Infirmary, Weston General Hospital and South Bristol Community Hospital.


What we do

Some patients who have bowel surgery will need to have a stoma formed.

A stoma may be and Ileostomy (formed from small bowel) or a Colostomy (formed from large bowel), and both may be permanent or temporary depending on the condition and surgery performed.

We also care for patients who have had urinary diversions, resulting in formation of a urostomy, in other hospitals and return home to the BRI locale.

Having a stoma will be life changing and we appreciate takes time to adapt. We provide support and information for patients, families and carers.


What we offer 

Counselling, advisory and educational support to those about to undergo stoma surgery, recently formed ostomists and those who have been established for some time. We provide up to date information and promote optimum rehabilitation to our patients.

We have a pathway of contacts following surgery and aim to make contact with patients at least annually once established.

We encourage self-referral to our service.

We are an educational resource for all healthcare professionals and liaise with primary and secondary healthcare teams to promote best clinical practice and enhance continuity of care.


Before surgery

We offer information, counselling and support.

Some of the topics include: Stoma forming surgery

  • Sexual related matters
  • Individualised Lifestyles
  • Diet/Fluid Intake
  • Holiday and Travel
  • Body Image
  • Exercise
  • The Fitting of Support Garments and prevention of parastomal hernias      


After surgery

We will care for you on the ward, carrying out initial checks teaching you to care for your stoma and providing a plan of care for discharge. We then continue to support you once you are discharged home and provide up to date relevant advice and information regarding pouches and ongoing care.


Mission statement

We aim to give a high standard of personalised care to our patients and their families. We will carry this out in a professional manner with an empathetic and friendly attitude. We act as the patients advocate. We are able to give our patients the attention that they deserve during their treatment.

We believe that everyone is deserving of living a full and fulfilled life without stigma and prejudice and will support our patients to this aim.