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Hepatitis C

So, do you think you may have hepatitis C?

If so, please try and put to one side all you may have heard about this disease and how it is treated previously, and start from scratch right here.

  • hepatitis C is curable
  • it is possible to get tested by dry blood spot, rather than taking blood
  • new treatment options just one tablet a day for 8-12 weeks
  • minimal side effects (unlike past Interferon treatment)*
  • you don't need to be drug free to be treated
  • if left untreated, it can cause serious damage to your liver
  • it's really easy to get tested or refer yourself for treatment

So why not give us a try - you've nothing to lose…

"I have been very happy with all the care and treatment and I have received. I have been treated with respect and have had all my anxieties listened to and answered." - Patient A Bristol & Severn Treatment Centre

Please make your way through the links on this website you may be interested in - you will find links to treatment centres across the region, details of how to get tested, and a self-referral form if you have already been diagnosed and would like to self-refer for treatment.

*less than 10% of patients will experience side effects from the HCV drugs, and of these the most common side effects are headache, fatigue and nausea.

In partnership with the Bristol Drugs Project, we spoke to Paul and Jeff about their experiences of treatment for hep C. Both of them had also been through the old form of treatment and told us how the two compared. 


Our services
We provide testing, treatment and support for people with hepatitis C across the region.
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What is hepatitis C?
Hepatitis C, sometimes called hep C or HCV, is a virus that is carried in the blood and body fluids which infects and damages the liver.
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Who is at risk?
Hepatitis C is a blood borne virus which can affect people from all walks of life.
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Hepatitis C is curable with simple, easily tolerated treatment plans from just one tablet a day for 8-12 weeks.
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Testing and how to refer
If you would like to be tested for hepatitis C or would like more information about treatment, please complete our online form.
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Bristol and Severn Regional Network
For the treatment of hepatitis C, NHS England have created 22 Operational Delivery Networks (ODN) across England.
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