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Dr Doctor Loho

We are working with one of our digital solutions provider, DrDoctor, to enable our patients to stay up to date with communications about their appointments and care using a digital portal.  

What is DrDoctor?  

A digital patient engagement platform.  

More information about DrDoctor is avaiable here:

What are we using DrDoctor for? 

We started with video consultations, appointment reminders and video links in 2022.   

In 2023, we are using the platform to send messages to ask a 'quick' question to different groups of patients. This may be to support patients waiting for appointments, or if they are happy to be seen by an alternative NHS contracted service.  

We are also using DrDoctor to send out assessments prior to appointments. Assessments are structured questionnaires that support patients to explain how they are managing their condition and establish a baseline to develop clinical management plans. 

In the future, we plan to work with DrDoctor to send patients links to access their letters digitally in the DrDoctor portal. This will give patients instant access to their appointment information, saving time, and cost in printing and posting letters. In the longer term we will also be able to offer patients the ability to use the DrDoctor portal to request and reschedule their appointments.