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Quick Question

Dr Doctor Loho

What is Quick Question?    

Quick Question is a DrDoctor product that sends a text message to patients with a link to a question. Patients can respond with Yes, No or Unsure and the hospital staff then take action according to each response.  

If you receive a text message from the mobile number ending in 039092, please do not ignore it - your response will be crucially important to help us manage our waiting list and your ongoing care.  

Depending on your response, we will be in touch with you again with further advice and guidance on next steps. Please be assured that we will not make any changes to your waiting list status unless we hear from you, and any appointment dates you may already have still stand.  

Please note that any comments attached to your response will only be used to manage our waiting lists and therefore, might not be reviewed by a clinician.  

If you have a worsening medical problem or concern with an existing condition, and are unsure what to do, please contact your usual healthcare provider ( e.g. your GP or NHS 111) directly.

Further information  

If you have any queries about why you have received this message, please use the contact number provided on your patient letter and contact your department or contact our Central Outpatient Appointment Centre on 0117 3426888.