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Clinical Biochemistry department information

The Clinical Biochemistry Department provides a comprehensive clinical and analytical service to UHBristol, surrounding GPs and act as a referral centre for other hospitals locally, regionally and through out the UK. Our current work load is approximately 4 million tests per annum. 

Senior Staff

Head of Department - Dr Andrew Day
Laboratory Manager - Mr Adrian Brown
Consultant Medical Biochemists - Dr Eloise Willis, Dr Andrew Day, Dr Paul Downie
Consultant Clinical Scientists - Dr Victoria Warburton, Oliver Clifford Mobley

Analytical Service

The department provides a comprehensive repertoire of tests delivered by three sections in the laboratory.

1. Automation (section leader Mr Ben Nash)
Provides all high throughput routine assays for core tests including hormones and therapeutic drug monitoring. This section also provides the out of hours service in the evenings, overnight and weekends.

2. Special Techniques (section leader Emma Ferdani)
Performs many complex manual assays and makes extensive use of specialist chromatographic techniques including HPLC, GC/MS, UPLC/TMS. Samples are referred for these tests from other hospitals in the South West region and further a field. Also within this section all specialist paediatric metabolic work is undertaken including a national service for the diagnosis of MPS disorders and white cell enzyme defects. Close links are maintained with the Childrens Hospital and the local metabolic service.

3. Immunochemistry (section leader Ms Carolyn Perry)
Undertakes a number of specialist electrophoresis assays for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with myeloma.  Immunology testing for coeliac screen.  The section is also responsible for the referral of tests to other laboratories.

Clinical Services
The department provides specialist advice on the appropriateness and interpretation of Clinical Biochemistry tests via a duty biochemist system. Advice is also available by phone out of hours. Specialist outpatient clinics are provided for the management of hyperlipidaemia and diabetes. Members of the department regularly attend other clinics and ward rounds providing input into nutritional problems.

Research and Development
The department encourages R&D and regularly presents its work at national and international meetings. The department's USTAR (Unit for Studies, Trials and Research) service also facilitates the undertaking of clinical trails and research projects through out the trust.

Training and Development
The department is fully accredited for the training of all laboratory staff. It has extensive inputs into both under- and post-graduate teaching at the Universities of Bristol, West of England and Bath.

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