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Haematology And Blood Transfusion Faq

How do I request additional tests on a sample already received by the laboratory?

There is no need to contact the laboratory directly, please use ICE mail

How long are samples kept in the laboratory?  

Haematology samples are stored for approximately 2 days. 
Blood Transfusion samples are stored for seven days but may not be valid for use if the patient has been recently transfused.

Can I add any tests to samples already received?

Haematology add on tests can be requested on ICE or by calling the help desk on X22380. Refer to user guide for further information.

For Coagulation, all add-on requests for samples already in the laboratory will be processed if the sample is less than 24 hours old.

If I have a problem with ICE do I ring the Laboratory?

All ICE queries should be directed to an appropriately trained person on your ward.  

I ring the help desk but I can't get through  

There are two help desk numbers you can contact:  General enquiries for Clinical Chemistry & Haematology (samples, results, urgent requests) ext 23080.  Haematology specific queries (test advice) ext 22708  

I have lots of different tests to request, how do I know which sample tube to use and how many tubes do I need?

Pathology Test Information database can be used to access information about tests.

Should I collect lots of samples from a patient?

No, any extra blood tubes collected that are not required for analysis will be discarded.  The exception is blood collected from children.  All paediatric blood samples will be used.

 I have been asked to request a non-routine test out of hours, what should I do? 
  Any requests for non-routine tests out of hours will need to be discussed with the on call staff, who will then direct you to the Haematology Consultant / Registrar on call.

How do I fill out a request form?

  • All fields of the request form should be filled in, sample date and time of sample collection are particularly important.  
  • Bleep numbers for requestors are especially useful.
  • Please take note of the boxes asking for additional information e.g. Special Requirements (Irradiated and/or CMV negative products) for Blood Transfusion requests.
  • Please DO NOT ask for additional tests in the 'Clinical Details/Therapy Box' as it could be missed. Make sure it is written in the 'Other blood tests' box.