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Fetal Medicine Unit

Contact details: Fetal Medicine Unit, St Michael's Hospital, Southwell Street, Bristol BS2 8EG

Tel. 0117 342 5470         Fax. 0117 342 5180              Location and directions


St Michaels








Referrals should be by phone or fax and not by posted letters (which can cause significant delays).

About the unit

This unit is the South West of the England's major referral center for Fetal Medicine, with over 2000 patient visits / year who are referred with a wide range of special problems. We undertake large numbers of invasive procedures including all the established complex therapeutic procedures. We also see patients from other parts of the UK regularly (such as Wales and Cornwall) with a wide range of fetal conditions, for example for fetal cardiac defects.

We are experienced and skilled in the full range of Fetal Medicine practice including fetal growth restriction, multiple pregnancy (including laser therapy for the twin-twin transfusion syndrome), red cell and platelet allo-immunisation (including intrauterine transfusion), non-immune hydrops, fetal physiology and new techniques of pre-natal diagnosis. We work closely with Fetal Cardiology when appropriate.

Unit's general patient information leaflet (pdf file)

More detailed patient information

Staff in the unit

Screening in pregnancy

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We are part of the South West Fetal Medicine Network.


We run consultant-led clinics on a daily basis. Patients can be referred by their consultant, general practitioner or midwife by telephoning the unit or faxing a referral form.


Mr Timothy Overton

Dr Becky Simms


Mr Mark Denbow

Dr Victoria Bills


Miss Rachel Liebling


Dr Victoria Bills

Miss Rachel Liebling


Mr Timothy Overton

Mr Mark Denbow

What we do:

Detailed ultrasound assessment

First trimester and nuchal assessment
Detailed fetal anomaly assessment
Growth and fetal Doppler assessment
Assessment of fetal anaemia (by MCA Doppler)
Fetal echocardiography
Uterine artery Doppler
Maternal cervical assessment

Diagnostic procedures

Fetal blood sampling

Therapeutic procedures

Fetal transfusion (blood and platelets)
Laser therapy
Cyst aspiration
Bladder shunt
Pleural shunt
Multipregnancy fetal reduction
Invasive fetal therapy (eg diathermy) 


We are a teaching unit and clinics are often attended by visiting doctors with an interest in fetal medicine, trainees and medical students. Please do not be surpised if an observer requests to watch your scan, procedure and appointment.


We are actively recruiting to several studies at present. Please do not be surpised if you are invited to join an ethically approved research project. Learn more.