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NHS Occupational Health Services for NHS staff and the broader community. 

Occupational Health to save your business money

In the 21st century, attracting and retaining the best people is critical to business success.  Good health is good for business and a healthy workforce is a productive one.  Avon Partnership Occupational Health Services can help your business become more productive and save your business money. 

Avon Partnership provides a comprehensive range of high quality health at work services to help your business succeed. 

How it helps the bottom line

Avon Partnership Occupational Health Services offers a range of health at work services designed to meet the needs of both large and smaller businesses.

Link to services for business

173 million working days were lost due to sickness absence in 2007 (Confederation of British Industry).  In 2008, the Black Review of the health of the working age population reported the cost to the economy is estimated to be £100bn each year.

Your staff are a key business asset and essential to productivity and profitability.

To help employers assess the cost of ill-health and the return on investment associated with health at work services, see the  Workplace Wellbeing Tool.