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What we do

At the Children's Major Trauma Centre we have all the medical and surgical specialties required to treat the most severely injured child.  These include emergency care, theatres, intensive care and specialist rehabilitation.  We have two dedicated Major Trauma co-ordinators who will work with every speciality team to ensure that each severely injured child is receiving the best possible care and rehabilitation.  This provides a consistent and valuable link between the medical professionals, our patients and their families.

Why do we have Major Trauma Centres?

In 2012 NHS England launched Major Trauma Networks and Centres. Before the introduction of Major Trauma networks anyone who was injured was taken to their nearest hospital.  This has since been proven to not result in the best outcome for the patient.  Research has proven that bypassing the nearest hospital and travelling potentially further to a Major Trauma Centre results in improved survival rates.

For further information please visit NHS choices Major Trauma Centre

Meet The Team 

In addition to each child's lead Consultant they will have their care supported by the core Major Trauma team. 

The smooth running of the Major Trauma Centre requires a formal managerial and governance structure.  Each speciality within the Major Trauma Centre has a link clinician and is co-ordinated by the clinical lead. 

Core Major Trauma Team

Giles Haythornthwaite, Clinical Lead for the Major Trauma Centre

Jenni Fryer, Paediatric Major Trauma Nurse Co-Ordinator

Aimee White, Paediatric Major Trauma Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator 

Kelly Leonard, Paediatric Major Trauma Rehabilitation Co-Ordinator

Peter Davis - Paediatric Major Trauma Network Lead

Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN)

We submit anonymised data to TARN which is a foundation that provides statistics and data which can be used by hospitals to develop and improve their services. 

To contact our TARN co-ordinators please use our generic email: