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South West Long COVID Hub

The South West Long COVID Hub for children and young people, opened to referrals in September 2021. We offer multi-disciplinary assessments with advice and support for children and young people with suspected Long COVID. Children and young people can be referred for assessment by both paediatricians, GPs and other health professionals. A trained specialist clinician will conduct an online video assessment with the child or young person and their parents/carers and provide support and early symptomatic advice. The assessing clinician will then discuss the case with the specialist hub to decide if further investigations are required and make further recommendations on appropriate treatment. The Hub includes specialists in paediatric neurology, cardiology, respiratory medicine, fatigue, general paediatrics, psychology and psychiatry.

This is a pilot project. 

How to refer


The South West Long COVID Hub accepts referrals from paediatricians in the South West (Gloucestershire, Bath Swindon and Wiltshire, Bristol North Somerset South Gloucestershire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall). If you have a child or young person with persistent symptoms lasting more than 12 weeks and you would like an assessment and advice on treatment, then please make a referral. Please note that the Hub is not funded to provide treatment. However, children and families will be provided symptomatic advice and support and sign-posted to the appropriate treatment either locally or regionally.

Paediatricians should refer by clinic letter to:


If you are a GP, you can refer to your local paediatric service for assessment and the assessing paediatrician can refer to the Long COVID Hub. If you are concerned about a delay to assessment, you can refer to the Hub at the same time as referring for local paediatric assessment. If you refer directly to the Long COVID Hub,please use the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS). Children and young people do need a local paediatrician as further investigations or treatment may be necessary. If you refer to the Long COVID Hub, please ALSO refer to your local paediatric service.

If your child has significant fatigue 

If your child has significant fatigue and they do not require specialist assessment by the Long COVID Hub, then you can consider referring to the RUH specialist Fatigue Service. 

The RUH Specialist Fatigue Service provides assessment and treatment for children and young people with chronic fatigue from a variety of causes including Long COVID. We are currently offering a rapid access Long COVID service for children and young people to get rapid advice on symptoms whilst waiting for a medical assessment. If you would like further information, please look here:   


If you are a parent and you think your child has Long COVID, please talk to your GP. You may find further information on Long COVID here: