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About Our Services

Patient and Family Support Services

We understand that when you visit or stay at the children's hospital it can be a difficult experience. We provide a number of services that are focused on making your time here as straightforward as possible. These teams and services can provide guidance and advice for families and support for patients.

Some of the services are run on a referral only basis which means that staff can make requests on the behalf of families. The rest of these teams will be available for anyone coming to the hospital.


The LIAISE team is a children's hospital service that is available to provide advice, guidance and support for patients and families. As part of their team they have two Grand Appeal funded family support workers that will engage with families experiencing longer term hospital stays. They have an office on Level 2 of the children's hospital, past the RVS coffee shop.

Patient Support and Complaints Team

This is a trust wide service similar to the LIAISE team that offers a range of support for patients and families.

Disability Support Team

Information and support for parents and carers of disabled and complex needs children


This is the trust wide spiritual and pastoral care team. They offer confidential help and sensitive support to those of any faith or no religious beliefs. 

Hospital School

The hospital school has a team of teachers and teaching assistants who specialise in primary and secondary education. The team also has a qualified special educational needs teacher. They have a dedicated school room on level 5 but can also engage with patients at their bedside.

Play Team

The play team specialise in working with children and young people. They provide development opportunities in a fun and relaxed environment. The play department are involved in many aspects of your stay including pre admission, preparation for procedures, distraction and post procedural play.

Music Therapy

Music therapy offers a valuable creative outlet for the many different and sometimes challenging feelings that children may experience during their stay in hospital. 


The dietetics service engages with patients to support individual dietary and nutritional needs during their stay. 

Clinical Outreach Team

This is a a team of experienced children's nurses with a critical or acute clinical care background who have an overview of the hospital and provide support to all ward areas. Their role is to support and empower the nurses in ward areas to care for children who are more acutely unwell, or whose condition has deteriorated and may need extra care. 

Guild of Friends

The Guild of Friends is an entirely voluntary organisation that supports the work of the hospital in a number of ways including funding staff and equipment, and providing support for patients and their famiilies.

Bereavement Support

The bereavement support team are here to help you through both the early days of your bereavement and provide longer term support.

Worried about your child?

Do you have any concerns? You can find more information here