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The Occupational Therapist provides an inpatient service for children who have experienced a brain injury or spinal injury.

The multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation team is consultant led and consists of physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology, dietetics, play therapy, music therapy and nursing team, as well as a discharge planning coordinator.

This may include children who have had the following:

  • Open or closed traumatic brain injury
  • Non- traumatic brain injury such as





AVMs or

  • Those experiencing new symptoms or complications arising from a pre-existing neurological or developmental condition.

The role of the Occupational therapist working with a child with an acquired brain injury includes:

  • Assessment of low awareness and minimally consciousness
  • Assessment of the impact of injury on child's physical and cognitive abilities within their normal developmental milestones
  • Assessment of child's social and environmental circumstances, which may include the need of some local home visits
  • Provision of a rehabilitation programme  to include:

-Provision of appropriate sensory input and regulation to maximise awareness in low and minimally responsiveness and provide advice to both staff and patients

-Maximising potential , enhance participation and independence through practice and where necessary provision of adaptive strategies in all performance areas such personal care, daily living activities, play, leisure and school

 -Targeted ongoing therapy to improve function in upper limbs, participation in play/school/self-care tasks and cognitive functioning

-Promote 24 hour postural and tone management to include provision / referral for sleep, and or seating equipment and upper limb splints

  • Provide advice and or arrange equipment provision, including specialist buggies/wheelchairs to maximise safety during home leave as (part of overall rehabilitation) and discharge 

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