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The inpatient service is responsible for the provision of Occupational Therapy assessment and interventions for children and young people who are in-patients at Bristol Children's Hospital. This covers the following areas:

-       Medical Wards

-       Cardiac Ward

-       Paediatric intensive care unit (PICU)

-       Oncology

-       High dependency unit (HDU)

The acceptance criteria for referrals are:

  1. Children who have a change in level of functional ability
  2. Evolving abnormal presentation of a child or developmental delay due to illness and/or prolonged hospitalisation
  3. Children who require provision of specialist equipment or home assessment prior to discharge.
  4. Children requiring assessment and/or splinting of the upper limb

The role of the Occupational Therapist includes:

  • Advice on appropriate handling, positioning and managing daily cares for parents and/or other healthcare professionals of children who have experienced a change in functional ability/to promote their development and independence.
  • To provide advice and programmes on promoting a child's development and independence through positioning and play.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation to work on specific skills and tasks in order to promote age appropriate skills and independence
  • Assessment and recommendation of equipment for home and school environments including wheelchairs (this frequently involves working with community therapists).
  • Attending meetings to discuss patient's care, interventions and ensure a safe and timely discharge
  • Working with other healthcare professionals (e.g. Physiotherapists, SLT) and other professionals (e.g. play team, school staff) to provide therapy, recommendations and advice.