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Your hearing loss may have in impact on you in school, college or university. It might be helpful to talk to your team to find out if there is any support or resources that can help. 

If you are planning to go to university or move to another place for work then it is important to think about appointments and any support you may need to maintain your hearing aids if needed. If you are at university then we suggest that you try and arrange your appointments for when you are home in the holidays but also recommend that you contact the audiology centre closest to your place of study for repairs, new moulds and batteries. If you are a cochlear implant user then you can continue with the team here or choose to have your care transferred to another cochlear implant programme nearer to you.

If you are moving away then it is important you talk to your team so then can make sure your care is transferred to the team nearest to where you will be living.

If you are planning to go to college or university it is important to think about if you would find support at college and or university helpful. If you are attending an open event and think a note taker or interpreter could help you follow what is said then you could contact the event organiser to request this. Colleges and university's usually publish information on how they support students on their websites, but if not should have an email address you can contact. You can contact or arrange to see a disability advisor there.

There is lots of information here about university, disability support and how to apply. You may also be able to access funding from the disabled students allowance. You do not have to pay this back and can apply for this at the same time as you apply for a student loan. As part of this you may need to prove you have a 'disability', you can use an audiogram alongside an explanation from your audiologist or the hearing implant team of how the condition impacts on your study and learning to do so.