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Corrective Jaw Treatment

This website aims to inform and support patients at Bristol Dental Hospital as they embark on their jaw surgery journey.   It has been constructed using feedback from our past and current patients.   According to the British Orthodontic Society approximately 3,000 people a year have orthognathic treatment in Britain.   

Corrective Jaw Surgery - Class III Front Page

Corrective jaw surgery - also known as orthognathic treatment (Ortho to straighten, gnathia meaning jaw in Latin) - uses orthodontic appliances (braces) and surgery to reposition either one or both jaws.  

Jaw surgery may be indicated for patients with:

  • A poor bite or crooked teeth which cannot be corrected by braces alone (improving appearance and making it easier to eat)
  • Jaw and facial disharmony which has occurred naturally or as a result of trauma.
  • Cleft lip and palate and other similar conditions
  • Sleep apnoea (difficulties breathing when asleep)

Embarking on orthognathic treatment is a big commitment for any patient; it entails lengthy orthodontic treatment and major surgery. The change in facial appearance can be dramatic and take time to get used to.  Despite this patient satisfaction levels with their results is high, with nine out of ten patients saying it even improved their health and wellbeing. 

How to get treatment
Referral and treatment pathway
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Braces, retainers and dental health
Everything you need to know about braces treatment
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Surgery and hospital stay
What to expect from your surgery including what to bring with you for your time in hospital
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Support from friends, family and partners
What they can expect and how they can help
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Hear from our patients about their experience of treatment
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Frequently asked questions
What? Where? How?
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