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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



If you have a metabolic condition you will have been seen by the team at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The hospital looks after children and young people with metabolic conditions across the South West of England. The paediatric team run a specialist transition clinic in Bristol on a Friday afternoon once a month. Depending on where you live you may have your paediatric transition appointments in this clinic or we will try to facilitate a transition review in your local outreach clinic; Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton and Bath.

Most young people with metabolic conditions will need to attend appointments every six months where you will see your consultant, nurse specialist and a dietitian. As part of helping you to manage your condition the team will encourage you to have part of your appointment without your family. This gives you an opportunity to talk with someone in your team, usually the nurse specialist, and ask any questions and helps you take increased responsibility for managing your condition.

Your team will also talk to you about transferring to adult services. There is no designated team adult team for the South West of England.

The Adult Metabolic services in the South-West are:

  • Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI): local metabolic clinician and dietitian offer monthly clinics. The clinics are supported by the metabolic team at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) and attended by the QEHB consultant on a quarterly basis.
  • Southmead Hospital (SMH) Bristol: local consultant in chemical pathology supported by metabolic dietitian and clinical psychologist offer fortnightly clinics. 
  • Musgrove Hospital Taunton: local endocrinologist and local dietitian offer biannual clinics. The QEHB consultant attends one clinic per year.
  • Derriford Hospital, Plymouth: local chemical pathologist supported by the adult Metabolic team (consultant, dietitian and CNS) from Guys' and Thomas' Hospital, London who attend twice yearly.

The Birmingham and Guys and St Thomas' metabolic teams run clinics in the south west and as part of your transition your team will talk to you about the options for which team is most suitable. This isn't something you need to worry about and the children's hospital team will support you until you have your first appointment in adult services. Where possible there will also be an opportunity to meet a member of the adult team at your final appointment in the children's hospital or the children's hospital team will try to be present at your first appointment in adult services.

If you prefer your care can be directly transferred to the Adult metabolic Centres in England:

  • Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham
  • Queen's Square, London
  • Guys and St Thomas', London

If you have needed to attend Bristol Royal Hospital for Children you might find there are some changes between being in a children's hospital and an adult hospital. Hospitals can vary but some of the changes might involve being an inpatient and staying on the ward. You can talk about moving to adult services and where you will be seen with your team. They will help prepare you for the move.