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Nutrition on Ward 78

NutritionMany of the patients on Ward 78 can be at risk of poor nutrition and weight loss.

The ward offers a range of food to cater for limited diets. The ward housekeeper will discuss the menu each day with patients to identify what would be suitable for them to eat.  The menu will identify food options to cater for specific needs.  

These choices include:

  • Diabetic diet            
  • High nutrition
  • Low fat
  • Soft diet
  • Afro-Caribean
  • Halal
  • Vegetarian

If a patient has food allergies or avoids certain foods, the ward housekeeper can arrange for a meal to be sent to meet individual needs.

If a patient misses a meal due to an operation or procedure the ward can offer a snack box meal of sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt.

You will be asked on admission regarding food likes and dislikes and furthermore, if there is nothing on the menu that appeals we also offer a 'plain and simple' menu or a variety of ethnic meals. Please ask the housekeeper (staff in yellow) who will come around each day to discuss food choice with you to see these alternative menus.

On Ward 78 we weigh patients on admission and then regularly throughout your stay. If you are concerned about nutritional intake please discuss this with the nurse looking after you. We have a variety of high calorie snack and drinks available and a dietician can offer further advice if specialist nutrition advice is required.

After your operation

At certain times during your treatment you may be required to remain nil by mouth (this means have nothing to eat or drink). The doctors and nurses will tell you when you can begin to drink and eat. While you are 'nil by mouth', it is important to maintain good oral care and mouth wash can be provided. You may be provided with an intravenous infusion (drip) to make sure you remain hydrated.

When beginning to eat after major surgery the nurse looking after you can advise on which meals to choose. The domestics or housekeeper can offer smaller portions and regular snacks can be provided for those with a poor appetite.

The ward dietician can offer advice for patients who are having difficulty eating. You may find that you are placed on a food chart to monitor how much food you are able to eat and the dietician will discuss this with you and offer advice on snacks and meal alternatives.

Build up drinks/snacks

The ward offers a variety of build up drinks and snacks. These are designed to provide nutrition to patients who cannot eat meals. There are a number of different drinks and milkshakes in a variety of flavours (fruit/chocolate/vanilla). Patients can also choose the high nutrition soup or dessert from the menu. The dietician may suggest you have regular snacks between meal times and these will be provided by the domestics and housekeeper.

Nutrition is a vital part of a patients recovery but unfortunately food brought in from home cannot be re-heated on the ward (although cold snacks can be brought in, please see the guidelines on what can be brought in to hospital). We will make every effort to cater for individual patient's needs - please do not hesitate to speak to a nurse if you have specific concerns about your nutritional intake.