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Support, testing and how to refer

It is possible to obtain a test from your GP, one of the drug and alcohol agencies (linked below), or alternatively you could complete and submit the form below and we will make contact with you to discuss any queries around treatment with a view to making appropriate arrangements for testing in a one of the venues appropriate to you.  A test can take as little as a minute for a finger prick test, to 5-10 minutes for a blood test.  The outcome could be known within a couple of weeks.

Tests are primarily via blood test within GP and hospital settings, and within prisons and drug and alcohol settings a finger-prick test will be offered.

If you already have a positive outcome from a previous test but have not yet enrolled for treatment, please do complete this online form to self refer direct onto treatment. This link will take you to an online form on our UHBW website.

"It is absolutely brilliant service, very helpful staff and very friendly. Can't wish for better staff." - Patient D, Bristol & Severn Treatment Centre

Support contacts 

Hep C trust

The Hepatitis C Trust is the national UK charity for hepatitis C with offices in London and Falkirk. It has been operating since 2001. It is a patient-led and patient-run organisation: most of our board, staff, and volunteers have had hepatitis C and have cleared it after treatment. 

If you would like to talk to someone at the Hepatitis C Trust, please call 020 7089 6221. 

bdp The Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) is a Bristol-based charity here to help you with alcohol and drug problems. 
liver trust  The British Liver Trust support patients and families so they don't have to face liver disease alone.
turning point Turning Point work with people who need support with their drug and alcohol use, mental health, offending behaviour, unemployment issues and people with a learning disability. They aim to inspire and empower them to discover new possibilities in their lives.
Addaction Addaction is one of the UK's leading mental health, drug and alcohol charities. They work with adults and young people, in community settings, in prisons, in residential rehab and through outreach.
dhi Developing Health and Independence is a local charity that was set up in 1999 to help people out of the cycle of homelessness, social isolation and drug or alcohol abuse.
Terrence Higgins Trust

The UK's leading HIV and sexual health charity. They support people living with HIV and amplify their voices, and help the people using their services to achieve good sexual health.