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The talipes clinic at Bristol Children's Hospital is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of babies and children with positional talipies and structural talipies.

1. Positional Talipes

The foot is structurally normal but it has become moulded into an incorrect position in the womb. Once the baby is born, the foot position will usuallycorrect on its own. Sometimes, gentle stretches can be taught to speed this process up.

2. Structural Talipes

The most common structural foot deformity is "congenital talipes equino varus" or clubfoot. This type of foot problem will not improve on its ownand treatment will be needed to correct the deformity within the first few months of life.

We accept referrals from GP's, Consultants, Health Visitors and other AHP's.

The clinic is run by a team of specialist physiotherapists and two consultant paediatric orthopaedic surgeons on a weekly basis.

Parents are often seen antenatally to give them information on the condition and what is involved in the treatment.

Babies with clubfoot are treated with the Ponseti technique with the aim of avoiding invasive surgery in the developing foot.

The technique involves:

  • Specific manipulation and weekly plaster casts
  • Achilles tenotomy in most cases
  • Maintenance of the deformity with a foot abduction brace - "boots & bars"

Physiotherpay Contact

  • Debbie McMillan / Jenny Anstead / Caroline Tope - 0117 342 8525

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