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Things parents or carers need to know

You've told us that it's important to you to know that your parents and carers are able to take care of themselves while you're in hospital.  This is important to us too, so we have special facilities for them to use.


Food and drinkThing parents and carers

Your parents or carers can make themselves something to eat and drink in the ward parents room - there is at least one on each floor:

Level 4

  • Ward 37 - on the left through the ward main doors.
  • PICU - on the left of the corridor past the ward reception desk.       

Level 5

  • Ward 30 - at the end of the ward, on the right hand side.  
  • Wards 33, 38 - in the corridor, past the courtyard gardens.

Level 6

  • Ward 31 and 32 - between the two wards (follow the corridor past the nurses station and keep going).

 Level 7

  • Ward 35 - in the kitchen area facing you as you enter the main ward
  • Ward 34 - at the end of the ward on your left.

Buying food at the hospital and away from the hospital

In the reception on level 2 there is a RVS shop open during the day. The BRI has a Costa Coffee, W H Smith and Marks and Spencer Simply Food, and a there are a number of small food outlets within walking distance, some of which have special offers for parents.  They can get a hot meal at the Bistro in the BRI Old Building, which is just five minutes down the road.  Hot meals are served at the following times:

  • Breakfast           7.30am to 11am
  • Lunch                11.15am to 2pm
  • Evening meal      5pm to 8pm

There are other local supermarkets within walking distance and the two local shopping centres have a range of department stores. 

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and takeaways too where parents and carers can get food, but it's important that patients have their meals on the ward unless the doctors have said differently.


Places for parents and carers to stay

Each bed space has a pull down bed which means one parent or carer can stay with you overnight. There are bathrooms for parents and carers too and the nurses will show you where these are.  If you are going to stay for a while, your parents or carers might be offered a room in one of our special houses for parents.  This will also mean that other family members can come and stay there too.  When you feel better, you may be allowed to leave the hospital and visit them there and in some cases, stay overnight.


Speaking to friends and family on the phone

There is usually a phone by your bed which accepts incoming calls so family and friends can contact you directly. You will be given this number when you arrive on the ward.  Please ask your family and friends not to call the ward to ask how you are - it's easier if you ask someone to let everyone know how you're doing if you don't feel you want to talk to people yourself.  You can use a mobile phone in some parts of the hospital - please ask the staff if you are not sure.  After 8pm, please try to keep calls to a minimum and maybe turn your alert off if you're texting as other patients might be trying to sleep.


Keeping your things safe

You can keep the things you have brought with you safe in your locker by your bed.  We need to make sure there is enough space for the nurses and doctors to care for you, so please keep everything tidy, just like at home. This also helps us keep your bed space clean and keep the bugs away.

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This page is to written for patients but if you'd like more information that is written for parents, please follow the link below to the main hospital website:

Children's hospital website - parents and carers version