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Being on a ward

Fancy dressA ward is the place where you will stay while you are having treatment at hospital. 

There are lots of different wards in the hospital; there is a list of them below.  The ward you will be on will depend on the treatment you are having. Click on the ward  to find out more. 

Caterpillar Ward (E510) - Medical Ward
Penguin Ward (E602) - Surgical Ward
Dolphin Ward (E600) - Cardiac (Heart) Ward

Starlight Ward (E700) - Oncology (Cancer) Ward

Apollo 35 (E702) - Adolescent Ward
Meadow Ward (E519) - Day Surgery Ward
Lighthouse Ward (E406) - Renal/Urology Ward
The Observatory (E307) - Observation Ward

Sometimes you might need to move from one ward to another or stay on a different ward from the one you might expect. 

Same-sex accommodation

This ebook explains how the hospital is working to provide same-sex accommodation, which means that boys and girls do not have to share the same ward areas.

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