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Service development

All clinical teams are encouraged to make sure that the care they offer is the best and most up to date. In order to do so, we actively promote service development initiatives. These include…….

Macmillan wellbeing Coordinator - Fran Hardman

Part of this role is to develop the input and support available for young people to maximise their physical and psychological wellbeing during and after treatment.

At the moment we're working on:

-          The best use of a Wellbeing Room on our unit

-          The opportunity for all patients to have a personalised physical activity programme

-          Provision of complementary therapies to TYA patients and their close supporters (families/friends)

-          Increased support for the family, friends and carers of patients

-          End of treatment events for patients and their supporters to think about adjusting to life after cancer

IAM Portal and Help! Website

This project has been developing the IAM portal allows TYA patients to access a specific holistic self-assessment tool through which they can explore and document their needs, and obtain information and support to help with self-management.  The Portal will soon be accessible both via a website and as an app, and we have been working with young people and professionals to develop the content, look and feel of these. The Help! Website can be accessed separately. It includes information from many different sources, including video clips of other young people talking about how they managed the concerns they experienced.

Radiotherapy information

You may be told you need to have radiotherapy as part of your treatment. This can feel quite scary and TYA team have been developing ways to be on hand to support you before, during and after the radiotherapy. There is a dedicated Teenage and Young Adult radiographer who can show you around the radiotherapy department and let you know what to expect. There are things that can help you feel more relaxed during the treatment such as listening to your favourite music. If you would like more information, a chat or some young person friendly leaflets then please speak to the youth support coordinator or any member of the team.

ACE project 'Too young to get cancer'

Many young people tell us they feel the recognition they had cancer took too long. The aim of the UHBristol ACE project "Too Young to Get Cancer?" is to map the diagnostic pathway from symptom presentation to time of starting treatment for all patients referred over a 12 month period to the TYA service in Bristol from across South West England. In order to do this we have been extracting information from both GP and hospital records. We will use this information to see if there are ways in which the time taken to reach a diagnosis can be improved for future TYA patients.  

Want to be involved?

The team want to make sure that any service development really reflects what people want.  This means the team are fully committed to involving patients, families, carers and professionals at every step. If you have any ideas for future projects - lets us know. If you want to know more about how we work with young people in our projects

please click on the links below.

Poster: Co-creation

Presentation: Co- creation & co-design in the development of TYA services

You can contact us at for further information  

Past service development projects:

One of our biggest projects was On Target

Macmillan Cancer Support sponsored this three year (2011-2014) programme of work to support us learn more about the aftercare needs of teenagers and young people with cancer in South West.

You can read about the projects that came out of On Target below:

Intervnetion Summary - Help! website

Intervention Summary - IAM

Intervention Summary - Networker Feedback

Intervention Summary - Networker Support

Intervention Summary - Physical Wellbeing

Analysis Phase Consolidated Findings Report

On Target Intervetion Report - IAM

On Target Intervention Report - Help