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Vaccinations & Travel

Having HIV doesn't usually prevent travel but as with any health condition it can be important to plan and prepare to make sure you are able to stay as well as possible while you are away. 

As part of your preparation you should make sure that you have enough medication. It can be helpful to have a few extra doses too in case there are any delays and carry all or some in your hand luggage in case a bag is lost. Your doctor can provide a letter to explain that your medicines are for a medical condition. You may also need to consider how time zones impact when you take medication, talk to your team if you have any concerns. 

You can find out more about travelling with HIV here.

If you are planning to travel to a country and need vaccinations you should make sure that you are safe to have these. Some live vaccinations are not recommended if you have HIV, you can talk to your GP for more information and also read more about this here.