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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring


Uni & Work


There are lots of things to consider when going to University and your HIV will only be a small part of this. It is important to think about a few things before you go to help make the move as easy as possible, this might include who you might want to talk to about your HIV. 

You don't have to tell anyone you have HIV but it can be helpful for others to know so they are able to support you. This might be a Student Support staff member or tutor who can help if you become ill and it effects your studies. If you are moving to a different area it can be helpful to consider the support you need in managing your HIV. You should register with a GP and your HIV team can talk to you about options. Many young people continue with the same team and arrange appointments for the holidays. 

There are lots of questions you might have including what support you can access, how to remember to take your medication and talking to partners about your HIV. You can find information on the resource here that has been developed by CHIVA and your team will also be able to help you think about starting University.


Having HIV shouldn't have much of an impact on being able to work. There are lots of different jobs that you are able to do and very few that having a diagnosis of HIV impacts. You don't have to tell your employer that you have HIV, with the exception of a few jobs but you may choose to if for example you need time to attend hospital appointments. If you are interested or already work in healthcare you may find there are some restrictions that mean that you need to declare you have HIV. You are protected by law from discrimination and your employer needs you consent before sharing information further. There is lots more information about working with HIV here.