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Smoking & Alcohol

You might find as you become more independent that you are in social situations that involve smoking and alcohol, or this may be something that you are familiar with already as family members and friends smoke. 

It is important to know that smoking and alcohol can have an impact your health regardless of your HIV. While there are no significant interactions between alcohol and your HIV medication it can be good to think about other ways that alcohol and smoking can impact on your health. 

As alcohol can impact on decision making you may forget to take your HIV treatment. Alcohol in addition can have an impact on your immune system and smoking on your chelsterol and cardiac health. You can read more here.

You can find out more about alcohol content and guidelines around drinking here. and if you smoke and want to find out about information and support to stop you can do so here.  

You can talk to your HIV team too for more information and about any questions you may have.