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HIV is managed through medication. There are a number of different drugs that may be used to help control the virus. Medication helps keep you healthy and helps to control the  HIV. 

You might hear your team talk about your CD4 or T-cells. These are a type of white blood cell that move around your body to fight infection (immune system). Your medication helps to  strengthen your immune system

To control the HIV virus requires a combination of medications, there are over 25 types of medication and your team will help to find the combination that is right for you. 

Taking your medication is really important in helping you to stay healthy. It might be helpful to think about some of the following ways to help you remember to do so:

  • Take your medication at the same time each day
  • Ask a family member to help you. They might take medication too
  • Try setting an alarm on your phone
  • Following a meal - almost all medication should be taken after food. Talk to your team for more information about this

Lots of people find taking medication difficult. Talk to your team if you are as they might be able to help with side effects, reducing the amount of medication you need to take or finding ways to remember. You might find the resource here helpful.

Some medication has side effects. You can find out more here.