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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring


Sex & Relationships

It can be helpful to share with people you trust about your HIV, as it enables them to support you and can feel positive to know that they accept you as you are. It can be helpful to think about who you tell and how and any worries that you have about how it may affect your relationship. This is relevant both if it is a friend or family member or a partner. 

If you are thinking about talking to someone about having HIV it can be helpful to consider to think about how well you know them and if you've been able to trust them with other information, what you want to share and how you will feel if they don't react as expected. 

If you are in a relationship and thinking about having sex then it is important to think about if you are ready, healthy relationships and pregnancy and sexual health. Having HIV shouldn't stop you from having safe and positive sexual relationships or from having children but it is important to consider your HIV when you are thinking about these things. There is lots of information around safe sex with HIV on the resource here including other young people's experiences of sharing with others about HIV and the law around HIV.

In considering safe sex it can also be helpful to understand undetectable=untransmittable  (U=U). You can read more about this here.