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For parents

Oncology Service

The physiotherapists see in-patients on our Oncology/BMT ward (Starlight Ward) as well as older patients on the Adolescent ward (Apollo 35). Children are also seen as outpatients in the physiotherapy gym and on our oncology day bed unit.

Our physiotherapists have a good relationship with other therapists and centres across the South West and often make referrals when ongoing therapy is required.

All children are seen by a physiotherapist who is experienced in seeing children through the whole of their oncology journey. They can help for many reasons; difficulties due to their initial presentation, due to side effects from treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy or as the result of surgery.

They are used to seeing children with Hickman lines/Portacath's and will know when being active is appropriate. The physiotherapist will be able to asses a wide range of aspects of physical ability including; joint range, muscle strength, balance, co-ordination, posture, motor development and many more.

The physiotherapists work closely with the wider MDT, including play therapists to help provide holistic patient care.

What might physiotherapy involve?

Due to the wide range of diagnoses within the field of oncology, each child is effected very differently. As a result physiotherapy input will be different for all children and tailored to their specific needs. The main aim of physiotherapy is to optimise physical and functional ability. Treatment may include; strengthening or stretching exercises, balance and co-ordination activities, hydrotherapy, gait re-education, developmental programs and may include chest physiotherapy.

The physiotherapists will also be able to help provide information to parents so that therapy can be continued at home.

Physiotherapy Contact

  • Lucy Buckley - 0117 342 8525