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We assess and treat children who have undergone surgery to correct abnormal curvature of the spine. There are various reasons why children may have or develop a curve in the spine: idiopathic (unknown cause), congenital (born with), neuromuscular, acquired or syndromic.

Your child may be assessed pre-operatively to ensure that we are able to meet any additional needs that your child may have immediately after their surgery.  We would assess if any equipment or adaptations are needed and organise this in advance of discharge to aid the transition home. If your child is at risk of breathing complications after their surgery, they may require referral to our Respiratory Physiotherapy team who can assess and treat as required.

After surgery patients will be assessed and routinely given breathing exercises/helped out of bed.  We want to help your child get back to their previous level of mobility whether that is sitting out in their wheelchair/chair or walking and completing stairs. This usually happens over a few days.

Children do not usually need Physiotherapy follow-up after their spinal surgery, but will be seen by the Spinal Consultant Team in a clinic after a few weeks.

Useful contact numbers

Lisa Hutchens   (Physiotherapy Team Lead)   0117 3428762

Occupational Therapist    0117 3427896