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Multi-level Surgeries

For Parents

What is Multi-Level Surgery?

Children with Cerebral Palsy Spastic diplegia often require lots of physio, orthotics and Botulinum toxin injections through their younger years to maximise their function and walking.  As they get older they may require some more involved surgeries to their bones and muscles to keep them walking into adulthood.

The possibilities of "multi-level surgery" will have been discussed in orthopaedic clinics for several years beforehand and is timed carefully around their adolescent growth spurt.

Children may require bony surgeries to their hips and feet, together with muscle releases to their hips, knees and feet.  These operations are usually performed about 6 weeks apart.

Physiotherapy following Multi-level Surgery

Following surgery the child will be treated with an intensive block of Physiotherapy rehab for up to 5 weeks as an inpatient.

The aim of the intensive block of Physiotherapy is to maximise short term function so that the return to school and the community therapy services are easier. 

The hospital physiotherapy team will liaise with local therapy staff, often doing joint sessions prior to discharge.


Physiotherapy Contact

  • Caroline Penney, Jenny Anstead - 0117 342 8525


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