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What does the orthotist do?

You probably won't have ever heard of an Orthotist, as there are only 700 of them in the UK.

Their job is to work closely with various other medical professionals to produce items that are fitted to your body to help you: 

  • Manage pain
  • Improve the way you function, normally in the way you walk.
  • Support growing structures        
  • Protect structures, after an operation

Most of your grandparents will have known us as surgical fitters or appliance fitters, but we've come along a little since then.

These devices can be fitted to any part of the body, so some children come with foot pains, whilst others need spinal braces, and almost everything in between.


Where will you be seen?

Our orthotist lives on level 7, with all the other therapy team including physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists but you may be seen in a variety of settings in the hospital such as:

  • In the physiotherapy department, on level 7
  • On the wards, prior to you having an operation, normally ward 36
  • In your consultant appointment
  • During your therapy appointment with physios or OT's

Some of you may be referred to the orthotist by your GP, consultant, physiotherapist or nurse.

When seeing the orthotist you may be asked to undress so you can be assessed fully so it is a good idea to bring shorts and a vest top with you.


Orthotist Contact:

  • Kevin Mann - 0117 342 8525