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For professionals

Our physiotherapists work within the field of Oncology providing both an in-patient and out-patient service. There are 2 wards where patients are seen as in-patients and our physiotherapy department and oncology day beds for outpatients.

The MDT working with in the Oncology team is vital but we also work closely with our shared Care Centres in the South West:

  • Gloucester Royal
  • Royal United Hospital Bath
  • Musgrove Park
  • Royal Devon and Exeter
  • Treliske

We asses and treat children with a wide variety of conditions:




 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma


 Brain and spinal cord tumours

 Ewing's sarcoma




 Wilms' tumour




 Hodgkins lymphoma

 Bone Marrow Transplant

 Malignancies (ALL, AML, lymphomas)


 Bone marrow failures














Each child will present very differently within the oncology field so their treatment will be tailored to their individual needs. We work closely with community teams from a wide area to ensure the child's treatment and care is continued when they are discharged.

Physiotherapy Contact

  • Lucy Buckley - 0117 342 8525