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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring


Uni & Work

It is important that you inform your metabolic team if you are moving away for University or work, so the appropriate support can be put in place for you in your new home. This could include:

  • Registering with a GP and managing your prescriptions
  • Your local hospital and how to access care if you are unwell, so if applicable, your management can be put in place quickly.
  • There might also be concerns or questions you have specific to University or work. Please discuss with your metabolic team.

There are lots of things to consider when going to University and your metabolic condition will only be a small part of this. It is important to think about a few things before you go to help make the move as easy as possible, this might include if and who you might want to talk to about your condition.

It can be helpful for others to know so they are able to support you, especially if you become unwell. This might be a Student Support staff member or tutor who can help if you become ill and it affects your studies. If you need to take medication that needs to be refrigerated too they may be able to support you in having a fridge in your room if you are in halls.

Having a metabolic condition shouldn't prevent you from being able to work but it can be helpful to think about how you can make sure you are able to manage your treatment plan in the job you are hoping or planning to do. You don't have to tell your employer that you have a metabolic condition, but you may choose to if, for example you need time to attend hospital appointments.

If you do choose to talk to your employer you are protected by law from discrimination and your employer needs you consent before sharing information further.