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Having a metabolic condition shouldn't stop you from travelling but as with any health condition it can be important to make sure you are able to stay as well as possible while you are away.

As part of your planning and preparation you should make sure that you have a copy of your emergency management plans and enough medication for your trip. It can be helpful to have extra in case there are any delays and carry all or some in your hand luggage in case a bag is lost. You should make sure you have the contact details for your metabolic team too alongside the nearest metabolic centre to your destination.

Talk to your team if you are planning to travel as they will be able to provide a letter to explain your condition and treatment. You may also need to consider how time zones impact when you eat and take medication, alongside travel insurance. You can find out more about travel insurance and other aspects of travelling to consider on the Metabolic Support UK website or talk to your team if you have any questions or concerns.