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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



As you become more independent you may find that you are in social situations that involve alcohol. It is important to understand how your metabolic condition is impacted by alcohol and the risks involved. Your metabolic team will be able to provide specific advice about alcohol and your condition during your transition appointments.

It is important to think about:

  • Your safety: ensuring your friends know about your metabolic condition and that you need different specialist treatment if you are unwell. Having an alert on your mobile phone about your condition can help with this.
  • Your limits: ensuring you eat a substantial meal before drinking and alternate drinks with plenty of water.
  • Your management: ensure you eat before you go to bed and if you are unwell that you start your emergency management immediately and seek specialist medical help (if applicable).

It can be helpful to talk to your team and share any questions you may have.