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Your burn injury shouldn't stop you taking part in sports and exercise but might mean you need to think a bit about what you are wanting to do and when. Many forms of exercise are recommended to help.

Scar tissue has a tendency to tighten and contract. This may be problematic if on or near joints. When you were in hospital you may have had rehabilitation from the physiotherapist or occupational therapist to prevent this which may have taken the form of physical activities.

Physical activity is important in maintaining the range of movement of the joints, endurance and general wellbeing. Swimming is an excellent form of physical activity and can be allowed as soon as all of the wounds are fully healed. If you have pressure garments, these can be worn whilst swimming, but should be rinsed thoroughly afterwards as chlorine can damage the material. If you prefer, the pressure garment can be removed. It's also important to shower thoroughly after leaving the pool, as chlorine can dry the skin and may make any itching worse. Moisturising cream should be applied too after showering and prior to the application of new dry pressure garments.

There are many forms of physical activity that will help with maintaining range around your joints, improving your activity tolerance and general wellbeing. It is important for you to return to the activities you enjoy. This may include many types of activities such as running, tennis, cycling, netball, football, active gaming devices, yoga and gym.

Generally, contact sports should be avoided until all your wounds are healed and you have started to wear pressure garments, talk to your team to know what is best for you as an individual.