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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



As a child or young person you may have attended Bristol Royal Hospital for Children where the South West Children's Burns Service is based. This service covers the whole of the South West and Wales and so if you don't live in or near Bristol you may have also been seen in clinics in Salisbury, Plymouth or Swansea for follow up. 

If you do need to continue care as an adult in Bristol, the adult service is based at Southmead Hospital in North Bristol. You may have met the surgeons in the children's service as they also work in the adult service, but the other team members will be different. You can read more here.

We know that seeing a different team can be a bit daunting and so will prepare you for your move to adult services. Just because you are moving to adult services doesn't mean that you need to go alone, your parents/carers can come with you and if it's helpful a member of the children's burn service can come to your first appointment too. 

There are a few differences between children's and adult services. One big difference is that if you need further surgery, your family usually won't be able to stay with you on the ward. You can check with the ward what their visiting times are and your family and friends will be welcome to visit.

It is very important that you attend your appointment or ring up to cancel or change it. If you do not go to an appointment, you may find that you are discharged from the service. If this happens, please ask your GP for a new referral to the adult burns service.

Do talk to your team if you have any questions or worries. You can find their contact details on the support page.

Sometimes you may not need to move to the adult service and will be discharged from the children's service before you are 16. If you find you need to see the burn service again later on because your scars may be becoming uncomfortable or you may be worried about how your skin is tightening up please ask your GP to refer you to the adult burns service.