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Burn Injury

Burn injures can be varied in their impact in the short, medium and long term. Because scars can take up to two years to settle down the burns service will want to see you for quite a while after the injury. Over time, your scars will change colour, texture and shape. This is really normal.

Having a burn injury can have an impact in a number of different ways and the burns services are there to support you from managing your scars to coping with the emotional side of having had a burn injury.

There are a number of different treatments you may need or have already received and there is a lot that you can do to help look after your burn injury too.  You may have had skin grafts, need pressure garments, silicone gels or laser treatment and have heard lots about the importance of moisturising and massaging your scars or exercises that help you move if you have a scar over a joint. All care is individual and so you may not need all types of treatment. Talk to your team to find out more about the types of treatment you are having or more about scar management. 

The aim of any treatment is to prevent or help reduce scarring, which may occur following a burn injury, skin grafting or surgery. Scars cannot be removed but these treatments can reduce itching and pain and leave scars soft, flat, supple and paler.

You will learn about scar management from your team and can also get support from a psychologist. If you have questions or are worried about anything do talk to your team. 

When you are 18 years old you may find you need to pay for your own prescriptions . For more information about whether your are eligible for free prescriptions or to organise a prepayment prescription look here