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About us

What is Vascular Science?

The Vascular Science Unit carries out tests to check your circulation (arteries and veins). These tests will help your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional to diagnose your condition and plan your treatment.

The tests we perform use ultrasound to measure blood flow in the arteries and veins within your body. Our ultrasound scans are sometimes also called Duplex or Doppler scans. The ultrasound scan can identify any abnormalities within these blood vessels, for example a blockage or narrowing of a blood vessel.

The tests are carried out by a Clinical Vascular Scientist in one of our examination rooms using specialist ultrasound equipment. Depending on your symptoms these tests may be on your tummy, legs, feet, arms or neck.

VS Video Screen Shot

WATCH: What is vascular science?   

Why have I been invited for an appointment?

We will have received a request from your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional asking us to carry out a specific test (see the 'what we do' section for information about the specific tests we provide).


How can I get an appointment?

Once we have received and processed your referral, we will send you a letter or give you a phone call instructing you how to make an appointment. We offer appointments at the the Bristol Royal Infirmary or Weston General Hospital.


Our team aims to:

  • Provide an excellent service for our patients
  • Provide support and information for patients about their health and lifestyle
  • Working alongside other healthcare staff to provide the best possible care for our patients
  • Lead education, audit and research in vascular science to  ensure that a high quality standard of care is being provided