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What we do

Welcome to Bristol Children's Hospital Physiotherapy Department.

We are a large team of experienced paediatric physiotherapists and assistant physiotherapists working across a variety of specialist areas including respiratory, neurology, orthopaedics, oncology, musculoskeletal and plastics.

We aim to provide a high standard of care for a diverse range of conditions working to national initiatives and NICE guidelines. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest research and attend regular courses. The team consists of experienced practitioners including leading therapists within paediatric physiotherapy.

The team see patients in a variety of settings including hospital wards, rehab gyms, hydrotherapy and community settings (homes and schools). We have access to state of the art equipment for many different conditions.

We work closely within a multidisciplinary team with OT, SALT, doctors, nurses, dieticians and orthotists both in hospital and in the community.

What to expect

When your child is seen by a physiotherapist, they might be assessed in a variety of settings. This will vary depending on your child's condition but it could include the ward, a treatment room, the physiotherapy department or playroom.

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Sometimes your child may need to remove some of their clothing to fully assess their joints or muscles properly. Your child is always seen in a private and dignified environment and they can choose whether to have family members present or not.

Your physiotherapist will explain exactly what they are doing throughout the assessment. A treatment plan will then be discussed with you and your child to explain how physiotherapy may be of benefit. We will involve you in all aspects of your child's care and consent will be obtained where required.

We strongly encourage the child and family to fully participate in all aspects of the physiotherapy and we aim to make the experience as fun as possible.

We have full access to translators if English is not your first language.

We openly welcome feedback, and would love to hear from you as we are constantly striving to improve our services for our patients and their families. You can contact us through the Contact Us tab above.