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Video EEG monitoring

What is video monitoring?

Video monitoring involves having an EEG to record brain waves at the same time as recording a child's activity using a video with picture and sound.

Why does my child need video monitoring?

In order to evaluate your child we need to capture both brain wave changes and physical changes during typical events. This can be useful to:

  • To distinguish epileptic seizures from episodes that may mimic epileptic seizures
  • to characterise the type or types of seizures that a child is having
  • to localise the part of the brain from where a child's seizures are arising

How do I prepare for the test?

Please ensure your child has clean hair with no styling products in.

The morning of the test you will need to call admissions on 0117 3428440 before you leave for the hospital to confirm that there is a bed available for your stay.

What should my child wear?

Loose fitting clothes with wide necks are preferable. Tops or pyjamas that button up or zip up are ideal.

What happens at the hospital?

You will arrive on the ward.

The electrodes (wires with small discs on) will be stuck on the head with a type of glue and a hat is placed over them.

These are plugged into a small computer that fits in a bag to stay on the bed with the child.

The entire set up can take up to 90 minutes.

You will be shown what to do when an event occurs and given a diary sheet to document any events.

It is important that your child has someone with them the whole time, partly as a companion, but also to alert staff to any seizures or other events that occur.  This person (or persons) should be someone who knows your child and their medical history. Please be aware, only one person is allowed to stay in overnight. 

What activities can my child do during the monitor?

Your child can not shower or bath during the monitoring and are unable to wash or style their hair.

They will need to remain in the room in constant view of the camera for the duration of the recording, although they can disconnect to use the bathroom facilities in private.

If your child has any books, games or DVDs they would like to bring please do so. There is a play team and school team on the ward, they will visit and are able to help.

Electronic devices can interfere with the EEG if on charge. Please be aware and only use devices on battery.

What do I do as a parent or carer?

You will be asked to record and document events by pushing a button and writing down on a diary sheet (this will all be explained when you come to the hospital).

Please help to keep your child occupied as they may find the proceedings very long.

What about medication?

Please continue as normal unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

How long will the wires be on?

We will discuss on a daily basis with you and the doctors to see if enough events are captured. You should pack for up to 5 days.

How will the electrode wires be taken off?

We use acetone which is similar to nail varnish remover. This helps to break down the glue to remove the wires. The broken down glue will then need to be washed and combed out.

Please bring shampoo and plenty of conditioner for this. A fine tooth comb, such as a nit comb is the most efficient way of removing the remaining glue.

What if my child doesn't have an event?

The recording will only be for a maximum of 5 days. If no event or insufficient events captured a discussion will be had with the medical team and yourselves as to whether to try again at another date.

How will I get the results?

The information collected will be reviewed by a consultant neurophysiologist and a report sent to the referring clinician.