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South West Long COVID Hub for children and young people

The South West long COVID hub for children and young people offers multi-disciplinary assessments with advice and support for children and young people with suspected long COVID. From Monday 25 April 2022, children and young people with suspected long COVID and fatigue should be referred to the Paediatric Specialist Fatigue Service at the Royal United Hospitals Bath. The team there will assess the patients and refer on those who require MDT assessment to the paediatric long COVID hub.

The paediatric long COVID hub for 2022-23 includes specialists in paediatric neurology, cardiology, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, fatigue, general paediatrics and psychology.

How to refer


If you have a child or young person with persistent symptoms lasting more than 12 weeks and you would like an assessment and advice on treatment, then please make a referral to the Royal United Hospitals (RUH) Bath Paediatric Specialist Fatigue Service, who will complete an initial assessment of the patient and then refer on to the hub as indicated. Please note that the Hub does not provide treatment but will provide specialist advice to other professionals via the RUH Paediatric Specialist Fatigue Service.

For further information on the RUH Specialist Fatigue Service please visit the service's website which can be found at: Specialist Treatment for Children & Young People with Fatigue | Royal United Hospitals Bath (


If you are a GP, you can refer to your local paediatric service for assessment and the assessing paediatrician can then refer to the Bath Chronic Fatigue Service as per the new pathway if indicated. If you are concerned about a delay to assessment, you can refer directly to the fatigue service at the same time as referring for local paediatric assessment. Children and young people do need a local paediatrician as further investigations or treatment may be necessary. Therefore, if you refer directly to the Bath Chronic Fatigue Service please ALSO refer to your local paediatric service.


If you are a parent and you think your child has Long COVID, please talk to your GP. You may find further information on long COVID here: