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Welcome to Burns Therapy

The role of Therapy in Burns

Therapy is a very important part of the burns journey as it focuses on enabling the child to return to their pre-injury level of function. The role of the burns therapist is to:

  •       Maintain correct joint/ postural positioning and protect the wound as it heals
  •       Promote early mobility and play
  •       Prevent deformity from contracture
  •       Increase exercise tolerance
  •       Educate regarding skin care and desensitisation
  •       Liaise and educate community therapists in preparation for discharge
  •       Assess for equipment needs
  •       Scar management


The Therapy Team

Chriscelle Calladine - Lead therapist for burns

Kate Smith - Paediatric burns physiotherapist

Leanne Nabosi - Paediatric burns occupational therapist

Emily Dickerson - Rehab/play therapy assistant


Service hours

Mon-Fri 7.45-4.30pm

Contact details:

Tel: 0117 342 7910