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Patient & family info

Information about Community Child Health and Child and Adolescent Mental Services:
Community Child Health in Bristol ( Contains information about the Community Child Health Service in Bristol that supports children with long term health problems, including those with developmental problems.

Medicines information:
Medicines for Children ( Includes reliable and practical information leaflets for many of the medicines given to children.

Information about specific medical conditions:
HANDi ( Link to an app developed by Paediatricians in Taunton to support parents with managing the six most common childhood conditions (diarrhoea, chesty baby, chesty child, high temperature, abdominal pain and common newborn problems). 

Itchy Sneezy Wheezy ( Contains advice for parents and health professionals about allergy.  Includes videos about application of creams in eczema and how to give inhalers for asthma.

infoKID ( Provides information for parents and carers about children's kidney conditions, including urinary tract infection and vesicoureteric reflux.

ERIC ( Children's continence charity that publishes parent information leaflets about bedwetting, constipation and soiling.

Resources to support healthy lifestyles:
Infant and Toddler Forum ( Advice and links to useful resources about feeding and healthy eating in early life.

MEND ( Organisation that offers programmes and services to support children (and adults) to become fitter, healthier and happier.  Includes lots of advice about achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Alive 'N' Kicking ( Successful children's lifestyle weight management service that helps overweight children and young people and their families to reach and maintain a healthier weight, with links to local programmes in Bristol.

Change4Life ( ): Contains advice for families about healthy living and has information about local sports classes and other activities.

Resources to support mental and emotional wellbeing:
Off The Record ( Organisation providing free and confidential mental health support and information to young people aged 11-25 years in Bristol.

Help Counselling ( ): Charitable organisation offering counselling services for young people aged 9-25 years in Bristol and the surrounding area.  Clients are asked to make a contribution to costs (minimum £3 per session) but this should not prevent a young person from accessing services.

Bridge Foundation ( ): Charitable organisation offering counselling and psychotherapy services to children, families and adults.  Fee-paying as well as free services for certain groups.#

Family Lives ( Organisation providing support for families, including online advice and a confidential helpline.