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If you have epilepsy it can be important to think about and make sure that you are able to stay safe.

There are questions that you might have about staying safe. You can read about some of the things that it can be helpful to consider on this page but find more detailed information about staying safe in different environments here.

Seizures can put you at an increased risk of accidents or injuries due to the loss of physical control or consciousness you may experience. This can mean you are at increased risk of bruises, burns, cuts, fractures, head injuries and drowning. Particular environments associated with traffic, height, water and sources of heat or power may have a particular risk. Remember that if you miss your medication, are sleep-deprived, (over-tired) or unwell, you may be more likely to have a seizure so should avoid any risky activities

If you have tonic-clonic seizures or it has been difficult to manage your seizures you can be at increased risk. The amount of risk can depend on where you are, what you are doing, what happens during your seizure and who you are with. 

Some top tips to safe safe include:


  • A shower is safer than a bath. 
  • When cooking on the hob use a cooker guard.
  • Avoid swimming in the sea or other open water and never swim alone.
  • Avoid activities at height where you would fall if you had a seizure.
  • Always find a safe place to cross the road in case you have a seizure.
  • If cycling, wear a helmet - do not cycle if you have forgotten your medication or are sleep-deprived or unwell.