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Transition in the epilepsy service

You might have heard your team talk about transition and wondered what it is. These pages have been designed to help provide information and support as you become more independent and take more responsibility for managing your epilepsy.

Transition is the process of learning to manage your condition and transfer to adult health services. You might currently be being looked after by the team in the children's hospital, and be getting ready for moving to adult services, or you might have already transferred. Wherever you are in regards to transition these pages will hopefully help you manage your condition and allow you to get on with other things happening in your life.

What happens in Transition?

The epilepsy team will start talking to you from the age of 13 years old about transition. When you were younger your parents or carers may have taken the lead in clinic appointments, but as you get older the team will support you in taking more responsibility in talking about your condition and how you manage it. They may talk to you about attending part of your clinic appointments without your parents in the room. This will help you to develop the skills ready for moving to adult services.

The children's team will also talk to you about different parts of your life, including education and work, relationships and your social life. When you are ready, usually between the ages of 16-18 years old, they will talk to the team in adult services and arrange for you to have your future appointments with them.

You can talk to your team about any questions you have. Although this can feel daunting, there is nothing to be worried about and the team will support you at every step of the process.