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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



The children's hearing centre and the adult teams are both there to support you with your hearing. If you need to get in contact with the childrens hearing centre you can phone 0117 3421611.

If you have moved to the adult team and have a cochlear implant or bone conduction hearing device the adult implant team can be contacted on 0117 3421191 or by emailing

If you are a hearing aid wearer and have appointments at St Michaels or Southmead Hospital you can contact the team on 0117 3425854 or*. If you are seen at Weston General Hospital you can contact 01934 647038 or

Alongside your audiologist there are others in the team who are there to support you. Talk to your team to find out about available support.

Alongside this there are a number of organisations that you might find helpful. The NDCS Young People's Advisory Board has developed a campaign called My Life, My Health, which aims to improve deaf young people's experiences of health services. At the moment, you might take a parent or carer with you when you go to GP or to hospital appointments but as you get older, or if you have personal things you would like to discuss, you might want to go alone. My Life, My Health offers resources that give you the information needed to help you get through tricky situations, such as booking an appointment. They have also developed a communication support wallet card that you can take to appointments and show people so that they understand your communication needs. All of these resources can be found here and with this information, hopefully you will feel better supported if you are feeling anxious, when accessing health services or asking for help.

Occasionally hearing loss can have a genetic cause. If you are thinking about having children or want to find out more about this talk to your team.

 *Please note emails sent to this address are insecure.