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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



As a young person the Children's Hearing Team will have seen you. Appointments will have taken place at the Children's Hearing Centre in St Michaels Hospital in Bristol or if you live in Devon or Cornwall you may have been seen in outreach clinics either in Newton Abbott or Exeter. You might have also had support from a member of the community team visiting your school.

Your team will have started to talk to you in these appointments about transferring to adult services. Appointments in adult services take place in a few different locations. Most cochlear implant appointments take place at St Michaels in Bristol, next door to the Children's Hearing Centre or in outreach clinics in Newton Abbott and Truro. If you have a hearing aid you might have an appointment at St Michaels, Southmead Hospital or Weston General Hospital depending on where you live.

If you are a BSL user and would like communication support for your appointment your team can arrange for an interpreter, try to give the hospital plenty of time to arrange this. 

If you need an implant fitted this will happen in Bristol. Depending on your age and if you are being seen by the children's or adults team will impact on where you might have your implant fitted. Your team will talk to you and answer any questions to have about this before it happens.

If you are under more than one service in the hospital, you may find that they transfer you to adult services at slightly different times. Its important to talk to them about what can help and when you feel ready to move.